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Show Name ZheJiang International Trade Fair For Textile and Garment Industry
The 20th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Knitting & Hosiery Machinery
The 9th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery
The 6th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Digital Printing Technology & Application
Date May 16-18, 2019
Venue Yiwu International Expo Centre, Zhejiang Province, PR China
Opening Hours
May 16-17, 2019 09:00 - 17:00
May 18, 2019 09:00 - 15:00
Visitor registration will be closed 30 minutes before the exhibition ends
At its 20th anniversary, Yiwutex is proud to announce its honor to have the support from Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission and Yiwu Municipal Government, that the show would be upgraded to ZhejiangTex (ZJTEX) from 2019 onwards. ZJTEX will feature three thematic zones covering the entire spectrum of the industry’s supply chain: Knitting Industry Zone, Sewing Automatic Zone, and Digital Printing Technology & Application Zone.

ZJTEX once again invites industry participants to join us during 16 to 18 May 2019. We hope to work with industry professionals to create this platform for the Zhejiang textile and garment industry.
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Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Committee
Yiwu Municipal Government
Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.
Adsale Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Ltd. 
Yiwu China Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society
Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society Knitting Committee
Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society Garment Committee
Zhejiang Seamless Industry Association
Our Strengths
■ Superior Geography
  • Starting point of China’s “New Silk Road”
  • Connected to many destinations by rail freight including: Madrid (Spain), Tehran (Iran), Chelyabinsk (Russia), Mazari Sharif (Afghanistan), Riga (Latvia), Minsk (Belarus) and London (United Kingdom)
  • Yiwu has set up official communications with 86 cities in the “Belt and Road Initiative” territories, and has established trading partnerships with 64 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”
  • Yiwu has partnered with 24 cities from 18 countries to form sister cities, including Barcelona in Spain
■ Industrial Strengths
  • Yiwu is the world capital of small commodities
  • Home to more than 2,500 textile companies, of which 53 have exceeded RMB 100 million in output value
  • Yiwu is surrounded by multiple textile production hubs. Over 1,400 hosiery enterprises are based here, employing more than 100,000 workers. Yiwu is also the principal city in China for seamless apparel production, accommodating around 300 enterprises that support over 40,000 workers
  • The textile industry has traditionally been a dominant force in Yiwu. By the end of 2015, its garment and apparel industry was the largest sector in Yiwu, accounting for 19.72% of its gross output value. The textile industry ranked second, accounting for 17.31%. Meanwhile the gross output value of the hosiery industry has reached RMB 22.5 billion, accounting for around 15% of the city’s industrial economy. The gross output value of the seamless weaving industry has reached RMB 11.8 billion with an export value of RMB 5.7 billion. The gross output value of the straps industry has reached RMB 6.322 billion, whilst the glove industry was nearly RMB 4 billion. Together these big 4 industries account for a gross output value exceeding RMB 44.6 billion
■ Strong Brand
YiwuTex is jointly hosted by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. (organiser of ShanghaiTex) and Yiwu China Commodities City Exhibition Co., Ltd. (organiser of China Yiwu International Commodities Fair). Together they've joined forces to create a bonanza that covers the entire industry supply chain, helping to strengthen and reform textile enterprises in Zhejiang.
■ Policy Support
The Zhejiang Government has initiated reform and upgrade in 10 traditional manufacturing sectors, including textiles, garments, leather products and chemical engineering. Yiwu was chosen as a pilot city for its garment manufacturing industry, receiving a funding of over RMB 30 million from the government during 2017-2020.
■ Commercial Strength
  • Around 15,000 foreign merchants reside in Yiwu – the largest number of foreign business people among all county-level cities in China
  • More than 1.8 million types of products from Yiwu are exported to 219 countries and regions around the world
  • Over 5,300 foreign institutions in Yiwu, of which more than 2,200 are foreign-funded partnership enterprises, accounting for around 75% in the country
  • Yiwu is a gathering place of merchants from countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Each year, nearly 500,000 foreign merchants come to trade in Yiwu.
  • Every year around 100,000 overseas Chinese merchants engage in trade with Yiwu.
Yiwu and Its Surrounding Production Clusters
Zhejiang’s Hosiery Brand Base Yiwu City
China’s Seamless Knitwear Production Base Yiwu City
China’s Tape Production Base Yiwu City
China’s Zipper Production Base Yiwu City
China’s Hosiery Production Base Zhuji City
China’s Wrap Knitting Production Base Haining City
China’s Casual Clothing Production Base Yueqing City
China’s Export Garment Manufacturing Production Base Pinghu City
China’s Home Textile Production Base Jiande City
China’s Men’s Clothing Production Base Ruian City
China’s Children’s Clothing Production Base Huzhou City
China’s Shirt Production Base Dachen Town, Yiwu City
China’s Knitwear Production Base Suxi Town, Yiwu City
China’s Necktie Production Base Shengzhou City
China’s Fabric Production Base Hangzhou City
China’s Plush Production Base Cixi City
China’s Quilted Textile Production Base Pujiang County
China’s Woolen Sweater Production Base Tongxiang City