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“ZhejiangTex” Comes Back in May 2021
Technological Innovation Promotes Diversified Trans-Boundary - Intelligent Textiles Contributes A Healthy Future!
Publish Date: 2020/10/07
“ZhejiangTex” has already been organized successfully for 20 editions. Over the years, the show has gathered many-industry leading exhibitors, promoting Zhejiang’s the textile and garment industry. On 12-14 May 2021, Adsale Exhibition Services will continue to co-organize The 21st Zhejiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry with Yiwu China Commodities City Exhibition Co., Ltd at the Yiwu International Expo Centre in Zhejiang, China. There are four thematic zones, including Knitting & Hosiery Machinery, Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery, Digital Printing Technology & Application, and Knitting Products & Accessories. The show will showcase world-class textile machinery and cutting-edge technologies. Under the theme of “Technological Innovation Promotes Diversified Trans-Boundary, Intelligent Textiles Contributes A Healthy Future”, the exhibition will bring the industry to a whole new level along with the healthy textile trend, helping the enterprises to master the latest industry news and encouraging innovation in the textile industry.

Zhejiang Has Been Upgraded Under the Epidemic
Bringing Unlimited Opportunities to the Textile Industry
According to some key points in “The Notice of Zhejiang Provincial Government on Distributing the Action Plan for Reengineering the Manufacturing Industry and Upgrading the Industrial Chain in Zhejiang Province (2020-2025)", some industry areas have been promoted. For example, the intelligent transformation of textile printing; facilitate the differentiation and functionalization of chemical fibers, the high-end and green textile fabrics; and the development of fashionable apparel and home textile brands. It allows Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Huzhou, Jinhua, Taizhou, etc. to create a world-class textile manufacturing cluster. By 2025, the modern textile industry chain’s annual output value is expected to reach 1 trillion Yuan. Yiwu, where ZhejiangTex will take place, has been upgraded to demonstrate its well-established foundation and unlimited potential to against the epidemic and reconstruction. The Yiwu Government strongly supports the textile industry’s development as its business environment dramatically influences the overall textile industrial market. Even though the pandemic has not been relieved, Yiwu, as a foreign trade market with a "small commodity-large market" position, is also looking for new opportunities to stabilize the foreign trade, and meeting the new needs of international trade during the global crisis.

Health Industry Forum Helps You to Find New Opportunities under the Epidemic
So far, the number of global COVID-19 patients has already exceeded 10 million! According to a recent WHO assessment, the COVID-19 pandemic is claimed to be a once-in-a-century public health crisis, and its impact will last for decades. Under these circumstances, the normalized lifestyle under the epidemic makes the concept of "Antibacterial and antiviral" to become important in textile products. It includes how to combat the risk of double transmission of viruses when the air makes contact with the objects and the potential development of functional textiles that could use air barriers or direct contact to eliminate any bacteria and viruses present.

On 13 October 2020, the organizer of ZhejiangTex will host “The 4th International Healthcare and Textile Sci-Tech Pioneer Innovation Conference 2020” with The China Health Care Association Textile Branch in Yiwu Kingdom Hotel. Under the themes of “Futuristic Tech, Innovation & Sharing” and “Wear Healthily, Sleep Healthily & Breathe Healthily”, sharing new and innovative business ideas under the epidemic helps the companies turn crisis into opportunities by transforming and upgrading their businesses as soon as possible.

Next year, ZhejiangTex 2021 will continue to host “The International Healthcare and Textile Sci-Tech Innovation Conference 2021” with the China Health Care Association Textile Branch. It aims to provide high-quality resources for enterprises to transform and upgrade their businesses, and promote the continuous upgrade in the research and development of healthy functional textiles.

ZhejiangTex 2021 looks forward to seeing you in May!

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