Flagship Industries

Yiwu hosiery industry started in 1912. There were 92 sock machines in 15 sock factories during the initial post-liberation period. Right now the whole industry has 1431 enterprises, with 100,000 employees and a total investment of 8.5 billion yuan. The whole industry possesses 50,000 advanced imported equipments. The yearly production capacity and sales revenue exceed 10 billion yuan, realizing a profit and taxes of 900 million yuan. In 2007, 11 enterprises had sales income surpassing 100 million yuan and 60 enterprises surpassing 10 million yuan. 60 enterprises have export business in 2007, with an export value of USD 266.17 million (not including hosiery bought by buyers and mixed into container), 48% more than last year and accounting for 15.9% of the total export volume in Yiwu. 13 enterprises have a yearly export value of over USD5 million. Most products are sold to more than 103 countries and regions such as Japan, the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Paraguay, etc. With a business area of 15,000 square meters, Yiwu hosiery industry gathers 2,800 traders in the Knitting Market, occupying 62.5% of the domestic market. The whole industry boasts of 750 trademarks, tens of patented technology, and has 4 R&D centers and post-doctorate research stations. Meanwhile, the hosiery industry has been investing around 500 million yuan into technological innovation each year in the recent three years.

With 8 Well-known Trademarks in China, 3 Famous Trademarks in China, 5 National Free-inspection Products in the hosiery industry, Yiwu is renowned as "China Hosiery City", "Hosiery Brand Base in Zhejiang", and "China Famous Hosiery City".

Seamless Wear
Started since the late 1990s, Yiwu seamless wear industry gathers more than 150 enterprises and nearly 300 traders, with over 30,000 employees manufacturing 110 million sets of seamless underwear, 450 million shorts, realizing an annual output value of over 6 billion yuan. A group of well-known brands such as "Bagnjie", "Yiting", "Ouye", "Wanyu", and "Langsha" have come into being. The seamless wear sell well all over the country and are sold to more than 30 countries and regions including the US, Germany, Japan, Korea, and the EU, etc, realizing an annual export value of USD700 million. These enterprises sell their products directly into medium-to-high grade shops in the US and European countries and become direct suppliers of world supermarket chains such as Wal - Mart and Carrefour, etc. Seamless products in Yiwu occupy 80% of the domestic market and 30% of the global market. Yiwu seamless wear industry possesses 30,000 manufacturing equipments (including over 5,000 advanced international standard Santoni electronic jacquard weaving machines imported from Italy) and gathers over 500 technicians and executive personnel from home and abroad (including nearly 100 senior engineers). Yiwu seamless wear industry boasts of 4 Well-known Trademarks in China, 2 Famous Trademarks in Zhejiang, and 5 Famous Trademarks in Jinhu. Yiwu was entitled "Famous Seamless Knitting Wear City in China" by China Textile Industrial Association.

Textile Industry is one of the pillar industries in Yiwu. With more than 10 years' sustainable development, Yiwu textile industry now consists of 179 enterprises (including 125 scaled enterprises) with 28,500 employees嚗?manufacturing wool, cotton spinning, knitting, and garments, realizing a total output value of 4.6 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the production and sales of the like products in the domestic market. 12 of the enterprises have self-export right, of which 1 is scaled enterprise whose annual export volume exceeding USD5 million. Yiwu textile industry has realized an annual export volume of 800 million yuan, selling products to 8 countries and regions including the US, Japan, the Middle East, East Europe, and Southeast Asia. Yiwu textile industry has 9600 manufacturing equipments (including 820 imported equipments) and 12 technological research and development centers. More than 500 million yuan is invested into technical transformation each year in the recent 3 years. 19 enterprises have passed ISO9002 quality system certification in the industry. The industry enjoys 15 patents and 53 companies in the industry have their own registered trademarks, including 1 "Famous Brand in China", 1"Well-known Trademark in China", 1 "National Free-inspection Product", 1 "Famous Brand in Zhejiang Province", and 3 "Famous Brand in Jinhua".

Thread and Band
Through over 20 years' development, Yiwu thread and band industry gathers 526 manufacturing enterprises, including 313 band enterprises, 181 thread enterprises, and 32 computer brand weaving enterprises, with over 30,000 employees. 142 of them are scaled enterprises and 18 enjoy self-export right. Yiwu thread and band industry gathers more than 2,500 international standard booths, with a business area of 35,000 square meters and 8,500 business dealers selling their products. It has 22,800 world advanced equipments, among which 65% are imported. Total investment has reached 2.5 billion yuan. In the year 2007, Yiwu thread and band industry reached a total output value of 4.9 billion yuan; sales revenue of 4.67 billion yuan; export volume of 1.12 billion yuan, accounting for 24% of the total sales volume; domestic market share of nearly 50%. More than 50 enterprises and companies do export business, among which 2 have exceeded an annual export volume of USD5 million, 5 have exceeded an export volume of USD3million, and 10 have exceeded USD1 million. Their products are sold to 180 countries and regions in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Yiwu thread and band industry has 2 Jinhua city-level technology centers, 8 Yiwu city-level technology centers, and 1 provincial new- and high-tech enterprise. Each year, 200 million yuan is invested into technological upgrading in the recent 3 years. Yiwu thread and band industry boasts of 25 patents, 476 trademarks (among which 23 were registered in 2007), 2 Famous Trademarks of Zhejiang, 6 Famous Trademarks of Jinhua. 50 enterprises have passed ISO9000 Quality System Certification.

On Sept. 6th, 2007, Yiwu thread and band industry was entitled "Yiwu China Thread & Band City" by China Textile Association and China Household Textile Association.

Through over 20 years' development, Yiwu zipper industry gathers more than 280 manufacturing enterprises (including 200 scaled enterprises), with 35,000 employees. Weihai Industrial Group is one of the largest zipper manufacturing enterprises in China. Yiwu zipper industry boasts of 11 enterprises with self-export right and 989 standard booths. In the year 2007, Yiwu zipper industry produced 6.7 billion meters of zipper, accounting for 29% of total production of the like products in domestic industry. The zipper output in 2007 reached 6.7 billion meters, accounting for 29% of the national total output, with a t total output value of 6.35 billion yuan, export volume of 4.7 billion yuan, accounting for 75% of the total sales volume. Their products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, mainly the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia, etc.

The whole industry possesses 8,945 manufacturing equipments (including 6,260 imported equipments), 5 technological research and development centers, and 600 patents. 100 enterprises have passed Product Quality Certification. There are 400 trademarks, including 4 Well-known Trademarks in China, 7 Famous Trademarks in Zhejiang, and 16 Famous Trademarks in Jinhua. Covering an area of 2.3 square kilometers, the zipper manufacturing base, the largest zipper manufacturing base in China, was established in Houzhai in Sept. 2002. In 2005, Yiwu was entitled "China Zipper Manufacturing Base" jointly by China National Light Industry Council and China Hardware Goods Association. In Jan. 2006, Yiwu was entitled 'Zhejiang Famous Brand Zipper Manufacturing Base" by Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and Zhejiang Brand Association.
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