Market Preview
China Commodity City is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, was founded in 1982. It has 470 million square meters of business area, 7 million commercial spaces, over 200,000 employers, more than 210,000 passengers daily traffic, operating 16 major categories, 4202 species, 33,217 small categories, and 1.7 million single products. It is an international small commodities, information and exhibition center. China Commodity City is the largest small commodities export base, goods have been exported to 215 countries and regions, exports more than 50 million TEUs, with more than 89 countries overseas enterprises set up 2,730 offices, accounting for half the total number of Zhejiang. Over 13,000 foreign residents, UNHCR, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other agencies to establish procurement information center in Yiwu.
Huangyuan Garment Market
China Commodity City Huangyuan Garment Market located in the most prosperous region in Yiwu business area with a total market area of 78,000sqm and total investment of 1.4 billion Yuan. Huangyuan Garment Market is positioned to be a professional garment market with internationalizing, branding and diversifying development tendency. It will be in favor of enhancing the competitiveness of the garment market in Yiwu and promoting the professionalizing and expanding development.

The International Trade City 1
The International Trade City 1 is officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002 which occupies 340,000sqm building area with a total investment of 700 million. It is divided into five main business areas: main market, manufacturer outlet center, shopping center, warehousing center and catering center. There are more than 10,000 booths and over 10,500 business entities in total. The 1st floor deals in flowers and toys, the 2nd floor for jewelry, arts & crafts on the 3rd floor, manufacturer outlet center on the 4th floor and sourcing center for foreign trade companies in the east subsidiary building.

The International Trade City is honored as "Never-end Fair" by foreign customers. In addition, it has also transformed the foreign trade to domestic trade, the daily customers reach 40,000 and 5,000 of which are foreign customers, the export rate of commodities is above 60%, more than 90% of the booths accept foreign trade business and the commodities are exported to over 200 countries and regions.

The International Trade City 2
Opened on 22 October, 2004, International Trade City 2 occupies over 600,000sqm building area, above 8,000 booths and the business entities exceed 10,000. The first floor deals in suitcases, bags, umbrellas and raincoat. The second floor deals in hardware tools & spare parts, electrical products, locks and vehicles. The third floor deals in kitchenware & sanitary ware, small home appliances, telecom facilities, electronic instruments & equipments, watches & clocks etc. The fourth floor is manufacturer outlet center and other high-class business area such as HK Hall, Korea Hall, Sichuan Hall etc. On the fifth floor, there is sourcing & service center of foreign trade. On floor 2-3 of the Central Hall, there are tourism & shopping center and Historical Museum of China Commodity City. There are supporting facilities, including industrial & commercial bureau, tax bureau, local police station, banks, restaurants, logistics, post office, telecom companies and other functional departments and service organizations, in the east subsidiary building.

The International Trade City 3
The International Trade City 3 has 460,000sqm building area, over 6000 standard booths of 14 sqm on floor 1-3, more than 600 booths of 80-100sqm on floor 4-5 and manufacturer outlet center on the fourth floor. The industries in the market cover cultural products, sports products, cosmetics, eyeglasses, zippers, buttons and apparel accessories etc.

The International Trade City 4
The International Trade City 4 was started in October 2008, which has 1,080,000sqm building area. The first floor deals in hosiery. On the second floor deals in gloves, hats, knitting cotton. The third floor deals in footwear, lace, ties, wool and towels. The fourth floor deals in bra, underwear, belts, scarf. Modern logistics, electronic commerce, international trade, financial services, catering service are provided.

The International Trade City 5
The International Trade City 5 is the core project of Yiwu Municipal Government and Municipal Party Committee. It is also the landmark of transformation and upgrading of Yiwu market. It enjoys convenient transportation and unique geographical advantages. It covers a construction area of more than 640,000sqm, with total investment of 1.42 billion RMB. The market has five floors above ground and two floors underground, over 7,000 booths, and is planned to cover the industries as imported goods, beddings, textiles, knitting raw materials, automobile supplies and spare parts etc.
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