Scope of Exhibits
Seamless Underwear Machinery
Knitting and Hosiery Machinery
Flat and Warp Knitting Machinery
Knitting and Hosiery Finishers, Packaging Machinery
Machinery for Winding, Texturing and Twisting
Functional Textile Auxiliaries and Master Batch
Yarn Raw Materials
Green Yarn Fiber
Functional Yarn Fiber
Other New Materials
Cutting Machinery, Laser Processing Machinery and CAD/CAM Systems
Sewing Machinery
Embroidery and Quilting Machinery
Post-sewing, Distribution and Ironing Equipment
Ribbon and Zipper – making Machinery
Logo Printing Machinery
Digital Printing Machinery
Thermal / Cold Transfer Printing Machinery
Flat / Rotary Screen Printing Machinery
Automatic Platform Printing Machinery
Ink and Materials
Related Printing Software, Design and Products
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